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DumiSoft AIM

#1 Accounting & Inventory Management Software

Perfect software to deal with your invoicing, inventory, accounting needs, and much more!

DumiAIM inventory & accounting software that helps you generate invoices easily,
manage your accounts, reconcile bank transactions, track inventory accurately,
generate 1000’s of reports & MIS, and file Tax returns effortlessly.



Capitalize on every opportunity with highly efficient and flexible sales functionality


We tracks accounts receivable so that you can keep on top of customer accounts.


Easily record, claim, and manage expenses and receipts online by simple and easy steps.


Our Software can prevent major business headaches. Enjoy peace of mind with complete control over stock


Intuitive purchasing features save you time and effort by putting comprehensive purchasing insights


The less time you spend on manual accounting processes, the more time you have to focus on growing your business.


Easily record, claim, and manage Income and receipts online by simple and easy steps.


Run payroll in a few clicks, Create multiple pay slabs for your staff and Transfer employees' salaries directly to their bank accounts.


We takes the pain out of payments.Set up reminders for your clients so you never have to chase a customer payment again.


Streamline your sales process with professional online quotes on time.

Document Management

Help your accountant make sense of your cash transactions by attaching photos of your receipts or bills to the transaction itself

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